18 March 2012 - 4:37pm

Have a look at these gorgeous daffodils at 'Charnwood' today

After a welcome downpour the sun is now shining and the garden looks all perky again. I've just counted 13 varieties of daffodils out and more to come. Five of the best, smaller varieties are pictured, from the top left:

Jenny - creamy white perianth (outside) and soft yellow cup (middle), so pretty and tasteful, lovely in our woodland setting.
Jetfire - a bit on the brash side for me I thought as I like my daffs fairly gentle and 'natural' looking - orange cup - noooooo. But I read that this was one of Christopher Lloyds favourites so I gave it a go - he was dead right as usual. It manages to be bright and elegant at the same time, a perky kind of daff that will make you smile.
Ice Follies - bigger, standing at around 15" but soft colours, reminds me of lemon sorbet. Really, really lovely at the moment in the little orchard.The soft yellow cup gently fades to white.
February Silver - not as common as her sister, February Gold, but just as pretty, she flowers a little later but they make a good companions nevertheless, especially if planted in generous clumps of the same variety. Naturalises well, dead easy, we've had untouched FS and FG in our back lawn for years.
Tete a Tete (bottom row) - the smallest in the list, at about 9" - great for rockeries, a neat, long lasting variety.

Deadhead and feed them after flowering, don't cut the leaves down or tie them up, let them die naturally. They will then go on for years.