8 May 2012 - 5:58pm

NGS garden opening at Charnwood great success despite the rain!

Gardeners are such hardy souls. We had around 180 visitors on Sunday 6 May for our garden opening, the rain stayed away, hooray! On Monday 7th when the rain did NOT stay away we had 100 more, complete with brollies, what stars you garden visitors are! Many thanks to you all, and not forgetting Friends of South Wolds who provided the yum teas and music students from South Wolds School who played the sax so beautifully in the garden on Monday in the rain. Also a huge thank to our many loyal friends and family who helped out so cheerfully despite the damp!

The stars of the garden were 2 large pots of 'Burgundy' lily flowered tulips, at their peak in the little courtyard on the day and the new Jungle Hut.

In total we raised around a thousand pounds for charity, so it was well worth the work. Peter and I are now enjoying a gardening free week. At least that's the plan, although I think I see a gap needing a little plant popping in.....

Photos from left to right: Burgundy tulips, jungle hut www.mad-hutter.co.uk and the stumpery, all taken at 'Charnwood' on 6 May 2012.