May 2013

May 18th, 2013

'Charnwood' in May

The garden is looking lovely, if a bit fluffy round the edges but I don't mind that. Everything is moving so quickly, its as if it is trying to make up the time lost in early spring when nothing seemed to move at all. We are so relieved we didn't open in April this year. Visitors - assuming some braved the cold and rain - would have been looking at sogginess and mud! We spent today weeding and mulching the woodland garden with home made compost, a really satisfying spring job! Photos l to r - apple blossom, fern fronds unfurling, wisteria in bud, Exchordia. All taken at Charnwood 17 May 2013. Read More...
May 31st, 2013

A little journey round 'Charnwood' today

Left to right - Peter loves his wisteria and has carefully pruned this standard over several years. Gibbs the fleabag mongrel chewed my fav wellies so I put them to a different use in the seaside garden. Classic combo of pink cow parsley and Allium 'Purple Sensation'. A longer view of the back border. We open on the afternoons of 23 and 30 June through the NGS - please come and see us! Read More...