October 2016

October 1st, 2016

Figs rule

Not to boast (well, perhaps a bit) but we have a luxuriant, productive fig tree by our front door. The harvest this year was bountiful and is still going on. A fresh, ripe fig with some creamy yoghurt and honey is The Best Breakfast Ever. Not to be at all competitive, but I have several pals in the village who, quite frankly, don’t step up to the mark when it comes to the Good Fig Grower badge. So I thought I’d try and find out why mine is so good and theirs isn’t. I’d like to say it is down to expertise and horticultural exellence but I can’t honestly say I’ve done much to deserve such a proud specimen of a fig tree. Apart from planting it next to a sheltered, sunny wall. And talking to it in an encouraging kind of way. Read More...