March 2017

March 1st, 2017


March to me is pruning month, the time to get out those secateurs and into the garden for a good old sort and tidy. Time spent now in the garden always pays off and prevents more work later on when things have grown and gone a bit wild. So to clematis. Now don’t panic and please keep reading. It’s not as hard as some make out and the worst you can do is cut off potential flower buds for this year and, if that is the worst thing you do this year, it’s not that bad is it? If you are planting new clematis, or did so last autumn, plant deep, give a good mulch and prune to a decent bud about 30cm (1 foot) from the ground. That way you will set it up to grow good, strong roots and many flowering stems. Keep it well watered and tie it in regularly. Clematis fall into 3 groups: Read More...