July 2018

July 21st, 2018

Malvern and wisteria

We visited the Malvern Spring Festival again last month. I know Chelsea is seen as the best of the best for good reason, but we now much prefer the space, freshness and lack of celebrity of Malvern. Two of the show gardens appealed – Billy’s Cave with the little goats was really different – a quote from the blurb: ‘The garden is designed to evoke a slow pace smallholding in rural Portugal, where a goat herder spotted an opportunity within the boundaries of his land. A cave, complete with natural spring alongside an old olive tree has become part of the area’s character’. The other, my favourite, was the Dew Pond. In the words of the designer: ‘… this garden makes a small step change to counter the effects of global warming…. Dew ponds are rooted in our agricultural heritage and provide a rich habitat for wildlife that can be enjoyed relaxing on the deck…’ Read More...