December 2018

December 1st, 2018

A very special visitor!

We’ve had a very special garden visitor in recent weeks – a kingfisher. Such beautiful, unmistakeable birds with a real wow factor. Inevitably I went to the internet to find out a bit more about them and found that they are territorial. The size of the territory depends on the amount of food available, and on the local bird population. Kingfisher territories tend to cover at least 1km of river, but may extend much wider. Small fish such as stickleback are their favourite food, but they will also nosh aquatic insects and tadpoles. The visit to us is fairly typical in the winter when they may have to go a bit further afield for a decent meal. Our newly refurbished pond is looking magnificent but will be a big disappointment to our wonderful visitor as we have decided against having fish in it, preferring a more wildlife friendly pond this time. Read More...