December 2006

December 31st, 2006

Creating a meadow

Being potty about plants, I always have to have a new gardening project on the go. Strongly influenced by our student son who is home for the summer and passionate about ecology, the latest plan is to turn part of the garden into a little wildflower meadow. A trip to the wildflower farm at Langar ( tel. 01949 860592) early In July was really inspirational. We followed it up with a fair bit of research and garden visits and Project Meadow is well and truly up and running.


August 2006

August 31st, 2006

Pretty pots

What a summer! We seem to be either frying in the heat or batoning down the hatches for another gale. And I’m really, really sick of watering pots and newly planted plants accompanied with a sense of guilt that I’m using a scarce resource. One thing I have tried to do this year is be a bit more sensible with the number and location of pots. Reading through the magazines and books on the subject, here are a few tips I’ve found work well to keep your pots of plants looking good without too much trouble: